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When Energizing New Timelines -- Be Prepared for Amazing Changes!

In recent times, I’ve brought into my physical reality many small and large dreams I’ve held all my life. In fact, I’ve manifested more dreams in the past five years than in the previous four decades.


There is still one very dearly held dream I’ve yet to realize: writing a novel. I've made numerous starts over the course of my life, but the actual completion has eluded me.


While the type of novel has changed over the years -- I now see a "visionary novel" based on concepts from my channeled writings -- the essence is the same -- a work of fiction. Reality creation at its best is the creation of an entire world that plays as vividly as a movie in the mind.


This year I’ve vowed to make the novel a reality. Instead of slogging through the old methods of novel creation that have stymied my creativity in the past, I decided to try something new: energizing the timeline where the story is complete and adopting the identity self of the book's creator. I then write from the perspective of one who has already created the story and knows well both the story and the steps of its creation.


I had no idea how this might work. But I have faith in the timeline technique and in my desire and ability to create. So I began. I saw myself as the person who has completed the book. I began to act as this person. I found myself thinking, "Now that it's finished, I'll want to design an interesting cover." That caught my attention because it was the moment when I realized I had completely stepped into this new identity. I understand now why and how actors enter the identity of the person they will create on the screen.


Soon afterward, my complete identity shift was underscored by a dream where I received the entire story for the novel, including its title. I even received a sequel to the original story and its title. When I woke the next day, I knew my reality had changed forever. I was now a novelist.


I also knew something I had long suspected: our visions manifest magically when we get out of the way and allow them to come into our physical reality.


What would have otherwise taken me months and possibly years to slog through was downloaded into my consciousness in a single dream. All that was necessary on my part to facilitate this was to set the intention, energize the timeline where my dream was already a reality and begin to act from the identity self of that timeline. The universe in its magical, mystical way held up its end of the bargain and brought me everything I was seeking and more.


Of course, now I have a bit of work to do, translating my dream and downloading it onto paper. But it’s a labor of love replete with the added joy of collaborating with spirit, allowing creations to happen easily and effortlessly!

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The Anatomy of a Timeline Shift


The more I explore timeline shifts, the more excited I become. A timeline shift involves perceiving/imagining/sensing/feeling/visualizing the realities you choose and then energizing those realities by connecting with their feeling state. Once this is done, you then go about your business with a knowing, trusting and acceptance that this reality is already a part of you. You may look around you and observe the realities of the past, but you know that within you, you have made the shift to a new timeline. There is a built-in "lag time" between an inner reality shift and its appearance in physical reality. This is why the new reality you've adopted takes some time to appear in your physical reality.


Once we've made the shift within ourselves, that's all that matters. The new reality is a done deal. As long as we can remain calm and knowing about this, sooner or later our inner and physical realities will align. If we allow ourselves to get caught up in thoughts of doubt, we undermine this alignment.


The Timeline Shift Theory


The Timeline Shift Theory says that an infinite number of timelines exist within our energetic field. Because these realities are already in existence, all we have to do is to perceive the timeline we prefer and shift to it by adopting the focus self that belongs to the timeline of our new identity. The timeline shift technique doesn't require us to create a new reality from whole cloth. If we can imagine/perceive/sense this new reality, it already exists.


If we are overly identified with physical reality (the what-you-see-is-all-there-is perspective) using this technique is akin to bending over backwards and touching your nose to your toes. Just as we would have to develop an amazing level of physical flexibility to achieve this yogic feat, we must develop a masterful level of inner flexibility to consciously release our present moment identity or focus self. This is truly stepping into the unknown. When we adopt a new focus self identity we’re creating wholesale change at the quantum level. We don't know ahead of time all the large and small changes the shift will bring. It requires surrendering our old identities, letting go of the death grip control we have on our present reality and going along for an amazing ride into a new reality unfolding moment by moment.


Potential Stumbling Blocks


As I began working with energizing timelines, I began to identify some of the potential stumbling blocks. In my case, I realized parts of myself held reservations about this seemingly magical technique. One part of me felt it was too easy. I recognized this as a part of myself that had been indoctrinated early on in the idea that life is hard. With this belief in place, it’s hard for me to accept that life can happen easily and effortlessly. I have begun working with the part of me still invested in this belief. The new belief I'm adopting in its place is that new realities can happen easily and effortlessly - as long as they are aligned with my spiritual purpose. I'll return to spiritual purpose in a moment.


Another part of me wants everything to be measurable from a physical, scientific perspective. This part of me expected the timeline shift to be physically visible the moment it was made.


If I’m energizing a timeline where I’m living in New York City , for example, this part of me expects me to suddenly be there the moment I’ve made the internal shift. Due to the "lagtime" I mentioned above, this is unlikely to be the case.

It’s important to keep in mind that physical reality is only the toenail of our existence. The way realities manifest on Earth at this time, it will almost always lag behind the reconfiguration of inner reality. In addition, when we refer to physical reality to see if the shift has occurred, this is once more working in reverse and taking our clues about reality from the physical. If the shift has been made within us, then it has been made, regardless of what our external reality is saying at the moment.


Now that I'm aware part of me holds this these expectations, I can begin to work with them. One way I'm transforming them is to get this part of myself to agree to the fact that I can intuitively perceive the shift as soon as it occurs. This effectively changes the instrument of measurement from the physical reality to the intuitive perception of the shift.


To me this makes perfect sense. If our perceptual skills are finely tuned, we are able to recognize that, while physical reality still looks the same, we have shifted to a different timeline. From this moment on, we will make decisions from the perspective of our new identity self. Because these new choices carry us along a different timeline, we will have different experiences in this timeline. Our vibration is different along this timeline. We magnetize to us different people and possibilities along this timeline. By shifting to this new timeline, we have effectively transformed our destiny.


Another possible stumbling block is to hold onto unresolved energy around the old timeline. If you’re holding onto negative emotions about the old timeline -- or if you’re seeking to escape from some aspect of it -- this can bind you to the old reality until it is released. It’s next to impossible to release what we resist.

Once we’ve visited any possible stumbling blocks, we’re ready to begin the timeline shift process.


The Timeline Shift Process


The first step is to choose a reality you want to shift to. You most like have given a great deal of thought to how you would like to change your present reality. Call up these images now of your ideal reality and fill in the details.

In a quiet meditative state, align with the timeline reality that you have chosen. Allow your self to be filled with this reality. See it. Feel it. Look at the world from the perspective of this self who is experiencing this timeline. From this point on, act from this self’s perspective. This is not "acting as if" or "seeing" your self in this reality, which would imply you’re still outside it. It’s important to completely align with the new identity.


After you have shifted to this new timeline and are completely aligned with it, having adopted it as your new identity, open your eyes and look around you. Yes, you’re seeing the same physical reality you saw before closing your eyes. But if you’ve done the timeline shift process correctly, you’re looking at the old reality with new eyes -- the eyes of the new focus self. From this point on, you will begin making choices and acting from the perspective of this new focus self and its timeline.


If you feel you were not successful in making the shift to the new timeline, you may want to revisit the list of potential stumbling blocks and see if any of these are interfering with your purpose.


Timeline Shifts and Spiritual Purpose


Earlier I mentioned spiritual purpose. I want to close with a few words on its significance in making timeline shifts. It’s been my own experience that moving to a new timeline that’s aligned with my spiritual purpose is much easier than moving to a timeline that is less aligned. Many of us hold the intention to always be moving toward fulfilling our spiritual purpose. From this perspective, trying to energize a timeline not aligned with our spiritual purpose would be like trying to drive a car with the brakes on!


May the shift be with you.

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How ‘New Years All Year Long’ and Timeline Shifts Can Make 2008 the Best Year Ever

There's a feeling at the beginning of a new year that it's possible to step free of what we're ready to leave behind and begin to create anew. The result of this is that many people are starting diets, new exercise workouts and taking steps to make all their dreams not yet realized a reality.


This is all well and good. A new year does have that "clean slate" feeling. We can choose to wake up every morning of 2008, step into a clean slate and create anew with the motivated enthusiasm of that first week in January. This is my goal this year, and I will share my insights along the way, offering snapshots of my renewed efforts to create the best year ever.


Another technique I plan to use daily is what I call timeline shifts. I consider this a shortcut (no one ever said it has to the hard) to manifesting in reality creation.


Timeline shifts are based on the "parallel universes" theory. When applied to our daily life, we can extend the parallel universe theory to the parallel realities theory. This theory states that an infinite number of variations of our present reality exist in parallel energetic dimensions. In parallel realities, I am all the things I've ever imagined becoming: a novelist, belly dancer, poet laureate, world traveler, fitness aficionado, mountain climber, and much more. In order to draw any of these realities already in existence into my present focus reality, all I need do is begin focusing on it, harmonizing with it, and setting my intentions to make that a central part of my present reality.


This method of creating feels more aligned with the Law of Attraction than some of the older methods of manifesting. For one thing, it sees the desired reality as already in existence, not something that must be developed from scratch. It also sees the desired reality as something that is already a part of me. It is already the reality of a "me" that exists in a parallel dimension.


To me, this is a more effective technique than seeing my desired creation or reality as something not yet in existence, or not yet part of me. It is already a living reality that needs only the nurturing light of my intention and attention to come into energetic resonance with my present moment.


I have a number of experiments in mind to explore the parallel realities technique in this coming year. I will share here in this journal the progress and results over the coming year. Feel free to share your own experiences at the end of these posts or in the "share your thoughts" section of this web site.

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Widening Our Field of Perception

In 1999 I underwent a series of shifts. I began to see more of what was there. My theory is that "it" is always all there all around us all the time. Our field of perception can be narrow or wide. This is what determines what we see. Our field of perception is determined by our beliefs and attitudes -- and influenced more or less by the collective consciousness.


It is possible to walk through life seeing very little of what is there all around us - visible and invisible. It is also possible to awaken and begin to see more of what is around us physically, and to see with our inner eyes that which is invisible to the physical senses. That's what happened to me in 1999 around the time of the winter solstice. I was suddenly able to see and sense realms of such joy and peace that I was thrown into a tailspin. It was like shining a flashlight into a dark room and seeing all the cobwebs and junk that have been hidden. Now all of it had been brought to awareness and needed to be addressed. I began to see all my experiences in a different light. Sometimes I would go into overwhelm, sometimes I felt ecstatic. At other times, I was depressed at all the weeks and months and years I had seemingly "wasted" slogging through illness, negative emotions and scarcity consciousness. In time, I was able to release my feelings of depression and come into place of gratitude and acceptance for all my experiences. It was then I was able to receive the gifts they offered.


I found that even the darkest seed of suffering has the capacity to unfold the flowers of a joyful spring; that a true renaissance of the spirit is possible when we come into mastery by allowing ourselves to experience all octaves along the spectrum of life experience.


As I moved further into this renaissance of spirit, I was able to raise my vibration to align more with my higher self, which is always in communion with our oversoul, the organizing entity for our orchestra of selves. These selves incarnated in various timeframe dimensions cumulatively comprise the gifts and knowledge of our soul throughout time. As I began tapping into this rich treasure trove of knowledge and understanding, I received tremendous downloads that I have, in the last couple years begun to organize into the channeled messages contained on this web site and in my book, Portals of Spirit, which will be complete early in 2008.


There's much more to come. The downloads keep arriving. I continue to translate and share them and I look forward to sharing with you here in time. It is a joy and a pleasure!

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