Psychic Skills Development Course on CD

Psychic Skills Course on CD - Peter's Guided Meditations and other Tools to Help you Develop Your Psychic Skills. This CD introduces you to a number of techniques for developing psychic skills. These techniques include stilling your mind, putting the ego to sleep, breathing exercises, guided meditations, vision quests, creating a spiritual sanctuary, mental asanas, recognizing “downloads" from your guides, journaling and much more.One of the most important techniques he offers is how to recognize when guidance is being downloaded into your consciousness. Once there has been a download, it is important to choose a point in the morning or night to clear out the downloaded files through journaling and automatic writing. This allows new information to come in. With relaxing music playing in the background, Peter’s calm and rhythmic voice guides you into a loving and relaxed place within yourself where you can explore your inner world and create a telepathic connection with your higher self. In the CD’s introduction, Peter explains how "intuition, imagination and coincidence are a collage of time frames where information and guidance are brought to us. Guides like to come to us in bookstores to help us pick out certain books. They like to come to us when we are reading those books to interject their thoughts. They like to come to us when we are at the grocery store making dietary choices.” This CD will help open new doors to higher consciousness. Daily listening will transform your life. $15(Free shipping in the US).




Holotropic Breathwork CD 


This Holotropic Breathwork CD is a thirty-minute, voice-directed breathing meditation using background music.

Holotropic breathwork as it is known, allows increased flows of oxygen to the brain that awaken the pineal, pituitary and hypothalymus to light and energy.  We are offering this CD for $15, including shipping. This unique experience will become a lifetime treasure for your spiritual collection. $15(Free shipping in the US)












Holotropic Breathwork CD and Psychic Skills Course CD Combo


Our Psychic Skills Development CD is designed to work hand in hand with our Holotropic Breathwork CD. The Holotropic Breathwork Cd helps you clear old and higher self. The Psychic Skills CD provides you with techniques to cultivate this all-powerful connection. This month, we are offering both CDs at a special price of $22. Shipping is free in the US. (Email us at for international shipping rates)